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Představení nové kolekce Zima 22

Vývoj w22

Vývoj w22

Nová kolekce W22 se nese ve znamení změn a inovací. Když před časem přišel náš šéf vývojového týmu Ludva za námi v novém prototypu bundy Guide se slovy: "Je tohle dostatečně Direct?"
Chvíli jsme zůstali jen koukat a pak pronesli: Jo, technické vychytávky a skvělé barevné kombinace - tohle je přesně direct!

Ludva však nezůstal jen u zkrášlení starších modelů, ale šel cestou potřeb zákazníků a především zákaznic a celý vývojový tým přichází se spoustou modelů, které ideálně vyplní přání zákazníků. Proto v kolekci naleznete novinky jako je skialpinistická bunda Peak, dámská péřová bunda UNIQ Lady, inovovaná vesta ALPHA a mnoho dalších kusů.

Inovace v W22

Inovace v W22


    Very durable and comfortable Hardshell pants, ideal for expeditions, mountaineering, skiing, alpine skiing, VHT and hiking. Functionality and simplicity in order to avoid problems is an important condition in the most demanding activities. This material, Gelanots, guarantees maximum protection against wind and water while at the same time offering good breathability and excellent lightness. The technical, close-fitting cut gives unlimited freedom of movement and sits perfectly. A combination of a high-quality material and suitable technological working has been used to achieve maximum effectiveness while maintaining low weight.

  • Jacket GUIDE

    A top quality protective outer jacket for the most demanding activities. Guide is the ideal jacket for mountaineering, alpine skiing and trekking.It has minimum weight while, at the same time, the durability of classic hardshell, A combination of resistant materials with minimum weight and a precise-fitting, anatomical cut. A range of technical details and the use of modern technology make this the ideal functional reserve jacket which will never let you down. Assurity, comfort and protection against inclement weather in all your adventures in the countryside.

  • Hardshelljacke ICON

    A brand-new membrane jacket made from a renowned stretch softshell material, Pertex Shield. The modern construction of this jacket makes it suitable both for extreme uses, like winter and summer mountain tours and alpine skiing challenges, as well as trips into town. The material does not restrict movement, has excellent breathability, a high water-column rating and is also pleasant to wear. Water resistance is assured not just by the material itself but also the glued seams.

  • MIDI pants

    Very light, waterproof reserve pants which are wonderfully packable. They have a quality triple-layer laminate with a great user life and durability but are also very light.Thanks to their stretchability these are a comfortable model of pants for a wide range of uses all year round. Ideal waterproof reserve pants for high mountain hiking, mountaineering, alpine skiing and all kinds of other outdoor activities.

  • Jacket UNIQ

    This top-quality insulated jacket in a modern, simple design, is produced from a revolutionary new arrival on the market - a fleece material called Thindown™. This material manages to achieve comparable thermal resistance as synthetic fillings at only half the layer thickness. The benefit of this is that the garment has a much lower volume than if a synthetic filling were used. Even insulation over the whole area and the natural ability of down to transport damp away and create a pleasant climate inside the garment are the main advantages of this material. Thanks to the construction of this feather material there is no migration of feathers through the upper or lower material. Also, because of this it is possible to combine this insulation with the highly breathable material Pertex Quantum Air and thus create a very warm. highly breathable and extremely light insulated jacket which is suitable as a top layer or as a base layer under hardshell clothing. The hood is insulated with a synthetic material for quick drying after wetting or from perspiration. We successfully tested this jacket on ascents in the Alps and even in the Andes and we can, with a clear conscience, recommend it to all mountain enthusiasts and devotees of fast & light style.


    We´ve reworked our bestseller into a new, modern design.This jacket is notable for its lightness and easy packability. It has an extremely light outer material, Pertex Quantum Air, supplemented by sides and sleeves made of a breathable, insulating, stretch material, Polartec Alpha, and has no lining to reduce weight. The anatomical cut, in combination with these functional materials, creates a great reserve, insulated jacket, particularly suitable for aerobic activities. Thanks to its wonderful wind resistance it will protect you even in the worst climatic conditions and, at the same time, minimise loss of body temperature. This breathable, comfortable jacket is a clear choice for mountain climbing or alpine skiing but also for leisurely trips and any kind of common outdoor activity.


    This highly functional jacket is a must for all enthusiasts of active movement. It will be particularly appreciated by alpine and cross-country skiers and high mountain hikers. This highly technical, hybrid model relies on the concept of protecting and insulating the torso with a light material, Pertex Air, along with the extremely breathable Polartec Alpha insulation. The back and sleeve parts are supplemented with a modern, light, stretch material, guaranteeing maximum freedom of movement while retaining good wind resistance. The result is a wonderfully fitting, light, warm jacket that ensures ideal warmth and comfort during activities in cold weather, and protection from the wind. At the same time, it is also very breathable and wonderfully wicks away sweat from the body, contributing to wearer comfort. Can be used as a protective upper layer or as light insulation under a hardshell jacket.

  • Softshell jacket MISTRAL

    The right choice for all alpine skiers, climbers and mountaineers. A softshell jacket for real sportsmen and women. MISTRAL is a perfect example of a perfect cut and effective combination of functional materials. It is intended mainly for outdoor enthusiasts looking for a universal jacket for the widest range of demanding outdoor activities. Mistral is, in short, the perfect jacket for active sports people all-year-round. For alpine and cross-country skiing, climbing, cycling, hiking – maximum comfort wherever you go.

  • Softshell pants REBEL

    Functional pants with a highly technical cut, specially developed for alpine skiing, backcountry, one-day expeditions, ice climbing and mixed climbing, as well as recreational cross-country skiing. Technical details, choice of materials and cut – we´ve tailored everything to what you demand from winter sports equipment. The perfect anatomical cut is derived from the natural shape of the human body and copies its movement during sport. These pants ´sit´ perfectly and provide maximum comfort.


    Innovative top-layer softshell pants, suitable for colder, windier conditions. Primarily intended for winter exercise in the mountains, particularly alpine skiing. Thanks to the arrangement of parts with different directions of stretchability these pants sit wonderfully and allow a high degree of movement. This hybrid combination of materials increases the physiological functionality of this model (Hybrid system). Thanks to the new lining they are lighter and better at wicking away sweat from the skin. Ideal pants for alpine skiing and other winter activities.


    Our long-time bestseller now reworked in a new, modern design, Comfortable, well-crafted, all-year-round pants for the widest variety of outdoor activities. Truly universal pants that can be used for trekking, mountaineering, climbing, and hiking. A particular favorite due to their effective combination of functional materials and developed cut. Thanks to the brushed finish inner side of the main parts they are wearable throughout the year.

  • Shorts LOGAN ALPHA

    Alpine skiing shorts with wonderful POLARTEC® Alpha insulation and finely worked construction. A purposeful combination of selected materials is used to ensure an optimum balance between warmth and comfort and low weight. Anatomical cut, pleasant softness and wonderful packability. The ideal accompaniment for all alpine skiing tours, freeride or skiing.

  • Sweatshirt GRID

    A completely new men´s insulated jacket. This model has been designed for increased comfort and warmth throughout the year for all kinds of outdoor and sports activities. The modern hybrid construction combines the high-quality material, Power Stretch for the front section and shoulders for warmth and comfort, and the structured material, Power Grid, in the rear section and sleeve endings for greater removal of sweat during aerobic activities. Soft, functional, high-stretch materials with wonderful insulation properties and very good mechanical resistance for maximum wearer comfort. This jacket is suitable as a second layer or as a lighter insulated layer in spring and fall. The close-fitting, anatomical, cut together with the elasticated material, gives total freedom of movement.